No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Food Revolution

The latest book from author John Robbins, No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Food Revolution, reveals the truth: Contrary to industry propaganda, there are no happy cows in modern industrialized agriculture. It also gives powerful and useful resources to help you thrive. Check it out and spread the word!

Save the Bees: Tell EPA and USDA to Ban Bayer’s Neonicotinoid Insecticides

Billions of honey bees have been disappearing from hives across the United States. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) first struck in 2004 and made U.S. headlines three years later. Countless bees suddenly vanish, leaving an empty hive, save a few corpses. What’s causing the disaster? Bayer’s neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid.

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Honeybee Deaths Linked to Corn Insecticides

A case study in interdependence: A new study published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science & Technology journal links the rapid decline in bee populations to insecticides used in commercial corn farming. Yet another reason to go organic and boycott chemical corn.

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Take the Pledge: Vegan for 30 Days


Maybe you’re considering a vegan diet and would like to “test drive” it. Maybe you care for animals and want to reduce your consumption of meat, dairy, or other animal products out of compassion. Maybe you’re recovering from disease, wanting to lose weight, or wanting to reduce your carbon footprint.

Whatever the reasons may be, a thirty-day pledge is a great way to wade into the warm waters of the vegan lifestyle, and taking a pledge is a great way to make sure you stick to it. See PETA’s vegan pledge page to take the pledge or sign up to recruit others.

Are We [Humans] Really That Special?

A thoughtful piece from Lisa Towell:

“Humans are the only animals capable of ________.” I’ve seen countless variations on this statement in magazines, in books, and on television. Fill in the blank with anything you like: language, using tools, love, planning for the future, empathy, self-awareness, humor.

These generalizations are often wrong. Sure, it’s pretty hard to argue with “Humans are the only animals who produce reality television shows.” But let’s take a look at the often-made statement that the ability to use language is unique to humans.

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Adopt a Rescued Animal Companion (Or, Better Yet, Two!)

Daphna Nachminovitch of PETA has published a clarification on PETA’s recommendations on animal companions. While they are firmly against buying animals from pet stores, they strongly support adopting rescued animals from pounds and shelters. In fact, they suggest adopting at least two, so your companions will have companions even when you aren’t around. Read her full article for details.