The Constitution of Veganistan

The founding feathers (and scales, gills, fur, etc.) of Veganistan, in their not infallible yet reasonably adequate wisdom, articulated a perfectly sensible argument for repudiating human-only sovereignty and offered a set of more enlightened principles as guidelines for a more sensible, harmonious, and sustainable multi-species society.

Rationale for asserting sovereignty over the entirety of planet earth

WHEREAS all human-delineated political borders on this planet earth were established and enforced arbitrarily and unilaterally by a minority species without consent of the majority of the earth’s population, and

WHEREAS the de facto system of human-only sovereignty in general was likewise asserted unilaterally (and rather presumptuously, we might add) and has proven to be a pretty bad idea for almost everyone (including most humans),

IT IS RESOLVED that we, the absolute majority of the earth’s population (consisting primarily of non-human animals, along with our human supporters), cheerfully reject and repudiate said borders and all states and nations associated with them, and

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that we politely yet firmly reject and repudiate all human claims of exclusive sovereignty over any territory on this planet, and the especially naughty humans are to be trained by specialist “human whisperers” until they learn not to take a metaphorical dump in the lives of other beings.

Declaration of Interdependence:
Establishing a new order for a more compassionate and sustainable society

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. That all sentient beings on earth are equal and alike in wishing to have happiness and to avoid suffering;
  2. That all sentient beings on earth are equal in having the natural rights to live peacefully and to engage in creating happiness for self and others in any manner that does not bring harm to other sentient beings;
  3. That all sentient beings on earth, being equal in their rights to live peacefully in health and happiness are, by that very equality of rights, bound to refrain from harming other sentient beings either intentionally or through carelessness;
  4. That all sentient beings on earth, having only one planet to share and having a finite pool of resources to support all life on the planet, necessarily must endeavor to curate and allocate those resources in ways that do not jeopardize the well-being of other sentient beings; and
  5. That all sentient beings on earth, being thus inextricably interdependent, with the actions of one potentially affecting the lives and well-being of many, must make best efforts toward caring and creative coordination to seek the good of the one in harmony with the good of the many.

We recognize that there is room for debate on the interpretations of these principles in the complex circumstances of life, but even a human should be smart enough to recognize that, short of the minimum force required to stop one being from harming others, any form of intentional killing of another sentient being is off the menu, period.


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