ACTION: Petition to UVA President: Stop Cruel Trainings Using Live Cats for Practice


The University of Virginia continues to use an archaic, ineffective, and extremely cruel practice that other medical schools have long abandoned: using live cats as practice dummies for intubation trainings in their pediatric residency programs, resulting in great pain and long-term injury to the cats.


According to Dr. Roberta Gray, M.D.:

During their training, residents in their program repeatedly force breathing tubes down the throats of cats, sometimes as many as 19-22 times in one day, This can cause bleeding, bruising, scarring, permanent injury and significant residual pain. At least two cats have had their teeth broken and another had adverse effects lasting days. Cats are used over and over again. People who have had a breathing tube inserted for anesthesia during surgery will often tell you that recovering from the tube was as bad as recovering from the surgery.

This is all the worse because it does not actually help in the proper education of the pediatric residency students, due to the anatomy of cats being quite different from that of humans. Modern methods, such as the use of artificial infant simulators, are clearly superior and cause no harm, so there is no excuse (nor any valid reason) for continuing the archaic and inhumane method of “practicing on cats.”

Please sign Dr. Gray’s urgent petition at to ask the UVA President to end this cruel program. You can read the petition and sign it here.


Action Alert: Domino’s & “Gestation Crates”

Domino’s buys meat from factory farms where pregnant pigs spend their lives trapped in stalls barely bigger than their bodies, called “gestation crates.” They can’t even turn around. Soon after they give birth, they’re re-impregnated. And once their bodies can’t physically endure the constant pregnancies and confinement any longer, they’re killed.

The Humane Society of the United States recently released an undercover video of abuse at factory farm. While other major brands have promised to phase out these cruel practices, Domino’s is continuing to profit from this horrific suffering.

Domino’s can take a very simple step to help eliminate this sort of cruelty. It’s the second largest pizza chain in the world, and eliminating gestation crates will set an incredibly powerful example. Even better, as a huge company buying literally tons of food, if Domino’s changes its practices to stop buying meat from abused animals, others will be forced to follow.

Please sign the petition at

URGENT ACTION: Tell the USDA not to eliminate inspections of “poultry” facilities.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) currently inspects all chicken and turkey carcasses for anomalies such as bruises, bile, and feces before they are sent to “processing.” Such inspections function as critical checks and balances for human health and animal rights. Unfortunately, the USDA is now considering a pilot program that would eliminate that mandatory inspection and allow private poultry processing plants the choice to monitor themselves… or not.

The USDA is holding a public commenting period on this proposed change right now. Please sign the petition opposing the privatization of poultry inspection before the public commenting period ends.